Forthcoming Events


Wimbledon Common summer music event

Plans are currently being laid for a live music event to be held on Wimbledon Common during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Details are sketchy but revolve around a 50m tent being erected near the War Memorial which will contain a bar and restaurant. The organisers hope to encourage local musicians and bands to play and admission for the public is said to be free. Somewhat bizarely, the organisers apparently also want to encourage tennis stars to attend for a question and answer session.


If you are interested in finding out more about the event, submitting your music for review or complaining because you think it’s likely to end up being an under-age drinking fest then email Ian henderson from organisers WPPL at



2009 Cannizaro Park Festival is cancelled

Due to an apparent £50,000 funding shortfall this year’s Cannizaro event will not take place. The official reason being given by WPPL, the company charged with organising it, is the recession. The Cannizaro Festival which traditionnally takes place over four days in July has grown to become Wimbledon’s largest and most popular arts event covering a wide range of cultural genres including classical music, theatre, comedy and jazz.