Wandsworth continues to set the pace amongst councils in finding ways to support its residents with the lowest council tax in the UK. The comparison with Merton is all too painful. For instance a Band D property in Wandsworth will pay £682 a year in council tax. This compares to a similarly valued property in Merton which will have to pay £1,119 per year; a staggering difference of 64%.

What is more the gap in council tax rates between the two local authorities continues to widen with Wandsworth announcing a freezing of bills for the second year running. Conversely, Merton councillors thought it appropriate to announce a 1.9% increase. This is apparently the council’s lowest annual rate hike for 15 years which surely comes as little or no consolation to most of Wimbledon’s residents.

Unlike Merton, Wandsworth are also stepping up their support for their local economy with a  package of counter-recession measures including proposals to cap car parking charges, 12 month payment options for the payment of business rates and support for local post offices threatened with closure.

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