Renting a flat can be a painful, frustrating and time-consuming experience if it’s not approached properly.  It can also prove to be very expensive if you lose your security deposit or are charged for items that you assumed were someone else’s responsibility. We therefore questioned our team of experienced flat renters and sharers and have put together our top tips to ensure your flat renting experience is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Before you read on please consider two things. Firstly, you are dependent upon the letting agent for the accuracy of your information so before you start considering a particular flat we strongly advise you to interview the agent and ask yourself whether you trust them to play fair. Secondly, as soon as possible meet the landlord to persuade him or her that you are the ideal tenant which will help you close the deal. It will also help you decide whether the owner will be forthcoming when something goes wrong during your tenancy or whether you are going to have to nag them to get the problem fixed.



  • Register with as many letting agents as possible to get a good choice of flats 
  • Be specific with the agent as to your preferred price, location, tenancy period and furnished/unfurnished 
  • Be prepare to be interviewed by prospective landlords
  • Have references available eg bank statement, employer’s reference and previous landlord reference
  • Have a deposit of 4-6 weeks rent ready to hand over
  • Get a lawyer or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to check the tenancy agreement if you have any doubts 
  • Double-check which utilities are included/excluded in the charges
  • If possible attend the inventory check-in 
  • Ensure the utilities are charged only from the start date of the tenancy
  • Double-check what alterations can be made without risk of being charged
  • Notify the agent of any defects ASAP to avoid the risk of being charged at the end of the tenancy


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